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Publication Air Express

Publication Air Express (PAX)

The comprehensive PAX service delivers Japanese publications through the world

Business is rapidly globalizing, and there is a growing need for employees overseas to read Japanese publications in real time.
Pegasus’s PAX service was developed to meet that need.
It delivers regular publications, books, newspapers, and DVDs from Japan to overseas offices rapidly, reliably, and economically!
The comprehensive PAX publication service will become an essential part of companies’ international information strategies.

Just request the books you want delivered. We’ll take care of ordering,
purchasing, and delivering the books!

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About PAX service

Publication  Air  eXpress  service

The PAX service delivers regular publications, books, newspapers, and DVDs from Japan to overseas offices rapidly, reliably, and economically!

Strength of PAX service



The value of magazines lies in the freshness of the information they contain. Our PAX service uses the fastest flights to each destination, almost completely eliminating the information acquisition time lag between overseas readers and readers in Japan.



We use our network as a major integrator to provide door-to-door service to subscribers. We also offer tracking, providing users with peace of mind.



This service is used by numerous companies with foreign offices as a benefit for employees stationed overseas.
We offer flexible payment methods for the company’s convenience, such as individual recipients paying for publications and client companies paying for shipping.

Coverage to 50,000 cities around the world

Leave everything to Pegasus. We’ll take responsibility for delivering publications anywhere in the world.

Coverage to 50,000 cities around the world

PAX uses major international courier service networks.
Delivery is available to 50,000 cities in over 220 countries and regions  around the world, including the U.S., Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, Oceania, and former communist states.

For other areas, we directly ship from Japan to destinations using international mail.

Flow of PAX Service

Flow of PAX Service

PAX track record

Track record type Track record Remarks
(use as employee benefits )
Number of registered companies Approx. 100 countries Major device manufacturers and trading companies
Number of overseas employees using PAX Approx. 1,200 users
Number of products carried Magazines, books, newspapers, DVDs
Delivery area  220 countries/50,000 cities Worldwide
Transportation format Door-to-door service Uses international courier services

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