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Pegasus Fulix
Pegasus Fulfillment Cross Border Service

Pegasus Fulix
(Pegasus Fulfillment Cross Border Service)

Cross-border e-commerce fulfillment platform that
leverages Pegasus My Choice and logistics

Pegasus Global Express offers provides cross-border e-commerce enterprises with a cross-border e-commerce fulfillment platform that leverages Pegasus My Choice and logistics (warehouse coordination, warehouse stock management, and warehouse outsourcing).

With Pegasus Fulix, customers can sell products overseas from their base in Japan, no matter how large or small their business is, easily and at little cost.

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Simple, one-click document preparation

Creating overseas shipping documents such as invoices can take a long time.
However, with Pegasus Fulix, you can create Waybills and invoices with a single click.
Anyone can easily create shipping documents, improving shipping operation efficiency.

We also offer a Pegasus Fulix API, so customers wishing to engage in cross-border e-commerce can embed the service in their own e-commerce site.


Select the optimal delivery choice!

Pegasus Fulix uses the safe and dependable delivery services of Pegasus Global Express to reliably deliver products.
It also provides support for delivery optimization by using PGE’s overseas logistics expertise to make comprehensive decisions for individual overseas destinations based on delivery areas, articles, volume, and routes.
Combinations of delivery service providers, routes, and prices are automatically listed in order of priority, improving customer work efficiency!

Select the optimal delivery choice!

Bringing together a variety of services

PGE, the overseas logistics specialists, provides total cross-border e-commerce fulfillment coordination.
The Pegasus Fulix service covers the entire process from order reception to delivery  (sales, payment, order placement, and logistics (warehouse stock management and delivery)).
Of course, it provides individual services as well. There is a wide selection of options for both the all-in-one service and individual services, supporting diverse customer business approaches.  

Bringing together a variety of services

Cross-border e-commerce mall

Pegasus fulix Pegasus fulix

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