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ペガサスマイchoice Best choice for your business Pegasus Global Express is your international shipping partner!


International cargo




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About Us

Three reasons why you should choose ペガサスグローバルエクスプレス

理由1 合理的な格安サービス

Minimize your shipping costs

Your shipping solutions are found here. We offer reliability and cost-savings through our diverse network of shipping options.

理由2 豊富なノウハウ

Reduce your shipping headaches!

Choosing a perfect method of transportation, sorting numerous materials, packing properly, preparing accurate documentation… We simplify the international shipping process and provide you with a best solution for your business.

理由3 安心サポート

One-stop solution for your business

Starting from an initial consultation, we will guide you all the way through the frontline of international shipping to the complete the delivery of your products. Our unified point of contact will guarantee your success.

Your business delivered.

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2019.4.1 Topics

Opened Saitama Sales Office

KS.Dio 205 Nakacho2-80-1 Omiya,
Saitama 330-0845 JAPAN
TEL:+81-48-644-1210 FAX:+81-48-644-1211
2019.4.1 Topics

Chushikoku Branch Office

Chushikoku Sales Office Promoted to Chushikoku Branch Office,
and Chushikoku branch take control of the Kyushu sales office.
2019.4.1 Topics

Notification of change of Representative Director and President

Shin Hashimoto became Representative Director and President on April 1, 2019.
2018.11.20 Topics

Opened Chiba Sales Office

MF9 Building 403 Chuo 3-3-9
Chuo-ku Chiba 260-0013 JAPAN
TEL:+81-43-305-5018 FAX:+81-43-305-5015