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ペガサスマイchoice Best choice for your business Pegasus Global Express is your international shipping partner!


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About Us

Three reasons why you should choose ペガサスグローバルエクスプレス

理由1 合理的な格安サービス

Minimize your shipping costs

Your shipping solutions are found here. We offer reliability and cost-savings through our diverse network of shipping options.

理由2 豊富なノウハウ

Reduce your shipping headaches!

Choosing a perfect method of transportation, sorting numerous materials, packing properly, preparing accurate documentation… We simplify the international shipping process and provide you with a best solution for your business.

理由3 安心サポート

One-stop solution for your business

Starting from an initial consultation, we will guide you all the way through the frontline of international shipping to the complete the delivery of your products. Our unified point of contact will guarantee your success.

Your business delivered.

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News release

2018.9.3 News

We have redesigned our website!

The website has been rebuilt from scratch with a single focus on improving user experience.
Find information you need more intuitively. Get your tasks done. As your global logistics partner, we are here to empower your business. Let us know your feedbacks to help us serve your better!
2018.8.1 Topics

Relocated Representative Office in Shanghai

Room 307, JuFu building, No.83 Fumin Road, JingAn District,Shanghai
TEL: +86-182-1702-3316
2018.4.4 News

Kanda holdings signs a comprehensive ties-up with 4PX Express

A rental agreement for 1000㎡ warehouse which is owned by Kand HD in Kita-ku, Tokyo was signed with 4PX. The companies aim to establish shipping services from Kanto/Eastern Japan to China via Narita airport.
2018.3.9 News

We are launching our new e-commerce division!

We are launching our new e-commerce division as of April 1, 2018. Take advantage of the rapidly expanding e-commerce market by our integrated logistical service, “Pegasus My Choice.”
Networking with Kanda HD and its group companies, we provide total fulfillment services including warehousing and system integration with e-commerce websites and malls.
Flexible shipping methods, inventory management, and various value-added services are all seamlessly integrated to deliver the convenience you need at competitive pricing.